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Al from Vermont wants to know if trekking poles are necessary. What do you think?

Theully from Brazil needs advice on the best stretches for hiking.

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Kids Hiking Leader near Palo Alto 
My daughter (who will be 7) wants to go on a "horticulture hike" for her birthday party. I'd like to find a great hiking leader for kids in the Bay Area. …

Gear for a year hiking/backpacking abroad in New Zealand 
Hey, I will be leaving in September for a full year of living abroad and backpacking/hiking New Zealand. I was curious about how big of a pack I should …

Trekking Poles: Are two poles better than one?  
Yes! This is copied from my blog: Using two poles enables you to use your WHOLE BODY while walking or hiking. Using …

Any Tips for Starting a Hiking Blog? 
I am toying with the idea of starting a hiking blog. Does anybody know about how much time I should figure for this? I don't have much free time, so …

Best Hiking Stretches? 
I'd like to know what stretching or warm up exercises are recommended for hiking. My friend always comes back from hikes nearly crippled with some sort …

Why Use Trekking Poles? 
Out on the trails, I often see hikers with trekking poles. Are these needed for hiking? Sometimes these folks have two, sometimes one, and sometimes …

Curled/Twisted Walking Sticks Not rated yet
Walking Sticks I Cut While In The Woods Thought I would post some pictures of "blank" curled walking sticks I have in storage. Let me know what …

Backcountry Campsites in Smoky Mountains National Park Not rated yet
Hi All, In a few weeks I am going to be backpacking at Smoky Mountains National Park. I was hoping someone could suggest a backcountry camping site, …

Best Jungle Boot? Not rated yet
Hello, I am seeking advice regarding the best jungle boots for use in Borneo while backpacking. I am heading there in June this year for three months. …

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